LBVMS (Linux Based Virtual Machine System)


LBVMS (Linux Based Virtual Machine System) is a flexible, high performance system that enables the use of different, and jointly not compatible, operating systems and applications together on the same computer.

Hence, the maintenance tasks for systems that are reinstalled often will be eased by a large degree.

Computer systems used for training and seminars are usually very often reinstalled. This task is performed as a rule with a cloning procedure, or program, such as Ghost® from Symantec®.

By the use of LBVMS you have the following benefits:

  • Up to 95% time saving.
  • A fully configured system, that can be restored to its original status with a double click.
  • No highly qualified IT personal needed on-site.
  • Centralised and straightforward operation by the use of the Management Server.
  • The stability and reliability of a 64bit Linux operating system.
  • Much lower TCO.
  • No additional licenses required, as the system is implemented by using only  free or OpenSource software.



  • The use of a generic VGA driver in the virtual machines will prevent the deployment of applications that need high-end video cards, such as professional video editors.*

*Nevertheless, the deployment of image processing software, such as the Adobe Creative Suite®, or Quark Express® is by all means possible.