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BalaBit syslog-ng Store Box (SSB) Version 5 LTS (27.02.2018 )

BalaBit syslog-ng Store Box

A new Feature Release of syslog-ng Store Box (5.0.1) has been released.

Highlights of the version 5 LTS:

  • SSB prevents brute force attacks when logging in. If you repeatedly try to log in to SSB using incorrect login details within a short period of time,  the IP address gets blocked for 5 minutes.
  • Several default settings have changed (eg.: indexer is on by default). The changes will not affect upgrades, only new installs.

Before upgrading to SSB 5 LTS, read the How to upgrade to syslog-ng Store Box 5 LTS document.

Information about what is new in syslog-ng Store Box 5 LTS is available in the What's new document.
Firmware and other files for syslog-ng Store Box are available on the download page.
The documentation of syslog-ng Store Box is available on the syslog-ng Store Box Documentation


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