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A backup strategy for modern times

In the realm of important things in the world of computers are good backups and equally important is the ability to properly restore those backups.

SBAdmin combines an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) for daily backup management with ASR, the most complete and flexible full-system recovery process on the market. Systems can be booted from CDROM or network boot images, and installed from a local or remote backup, including remote disk files or tapes. The system recovery process takes a backup and adapts it to the hardware detected during installation, allowing the user to reconfigure the storage configuration as they wish. The complete restore from bare-metal can be managed locally or remotely and can be completed in minutes. If the software detects differences between the backup and newly detected hardware, it will make recommendations, such as selection of new disks or automated shrinking of file-systems.

Storix is unmatched in customer satisfaction and value, offering free annual maintenance and free 24-hour technical support. The company also provides free product updates throughout the life of the current version, and existing customers can upgrade at a discounted rate. Optional features of SBAdmin include Tivoli® Storage Manager (TSM) integration, backup data encryption with simplified key management, Oracle database backup integration, and Windows and Mac OSX data backups. SBAdmin supports Solaris SPARC, all Intel-based (32/64-bit) systems, IBM pSeries (32/64-bit) and HP Itanium 2 systems.

What is SBAdmin?

SBAdmin for UNIX

UNIX (AIX, Solaris) & Linux Backup and Recovery Software

Storix System Backup Administrator (SBAdmin) is a feature-rich UNIX (AIX, Solaris) and Linux backup and disaster recovery application, which provides an easy to use web and graphical user interface for centralized management of system and data backup. SBAdmin is available for standalone systems, or as a network administrator used to manage backups and restores across the network.

No backup plan is complete without the ability to restore the entire system. Using Adaptable System Recovery (ASR), SBAdmin can rebuild your UNIX servers from the ground-up, giving you the flexibility to alter the configuration as needed to fit on virtually any hardware configuration. As this is all done through a simple menu-interface, you're not required to be a UNIX expert.

The few providers of UNIX bare-metal restore (BMR) solutions, often called crash-recovery or system disaster recovery solutions, usually perform only a disk image backup of their servers. This not only requires the backup be restored to an identical disk of the same type, size and location, but also restores any filesystem corruption and file fragmentation that previously existed.

SBAdmin for Unix provides:
  • Bare-Metal disaster recovery
  • Provisioning multiple systems from a single "golden image"
  • Complete system migration to differing hardware
  • Software storage migration for better performance and security

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