BalaBit IT Security - CSI

Contextual Security Intelligence™ Suite

for preventing data breaches without constraining business.

The solutions you need to discover, investigate and respond to threats posed by misuse of privileged and VIP accounts.

Taking immediate action on unusual activity is the best way to prevent breaches and damage.
Protect your business from insider threats, APTs and Zero-day attacks in real-time.

Why CSI Matters

  • Enterprise security is getting ever more complex

  • Security is constraining business

  • Static, pre-defined controls alone are not enough

  • A high percentage of breaches go undetected

  • It takes too long to investigate breaches

  • Security teams are overwhelmed with alerts and change requests

  • Third-party and vendor access to critical systems increases risks


Enriched data streaming

Immediate access to enterprise wide system, user, application, device and other data vital.. Collect, filter, transform, add context, index and store any type of data stream at any volume or velocity to meet the highest security standards.


Privileged User Activity Monitoring

State-of-the-art user activity recording that supports real-time interventions, video search and replay, in-depth visual forensics and the latest compliance requirements. Active intervention can stop malicious activities automatically.


User Behavior Analytics (UBA)

Real-time user behavior analytics to actively discover the anomalies that lead to internal & external threats. Access risk based priority lists of suspicious activities and investigate with seamless access to in-depth investigation tools and data.

Contextual Security is about people

and you have to face the fact that people, both users and attackers are much too intelligent to be controlled by outdated and static rules.

Only continuous and real-time understanding of their behavior can arm you with power and flexibility to stop threats without constraining business.

What are the main advantages of CSI™ for your organization?

  • Decreased likelihood and impact of breaches
  • Identify suspicious activities and detect unknown threats
  • Increased efficiency of security teams
  • Enhance the flexibility of business while improve security