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BalaBit -- headquartered in Luxembourg -- is a European IT security innovator, specialized in advanced monitoring technologies. It has sales offices in France, Germany, Hungary, Russia, in the UK and the United States and partners in 40+ countries. The main development centers are based in Hungary. BalaBit has customers all over the world including 23 percent of the Fortune 100 companies.

The company is widely-known for syslog-ng™, its open source log management solution, used by more than a million companies worldwide. This significant user base provides a solid ground for the business expansion which is fueled by Shell Control Box™, a pioneering development for the rapidly-growing niche of privileged activity monitoring market.
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Security is more than an idea

  • Although complete IT security is not feasible, we believe that proficient and dedicated work helps attaining a level that exceeds general expectations.
  • Our company is a committed follower of open standards since this attitude is the basis striving after any kind of security.
  • Security is not a property, but a process. The efficiency of this process is dependent on the continuous, perfect completion of required tasks.
  • Security of technology is only a part of security just like the IT system is only a part of the company information system. Security policy implemented by means of IT are really efficient only if they are supplemented with administrative regulations.