BalaBit syslog-ng openSource edition



syslog-ng: secure log collection, processing and storage

Is your logging infrastructure secure? Do you handle sensitive log data with care? Would you like to ensure that you receive all important log messages? Do you have to collect an insane amount of messages for some reason? Would you like to collect all logs into a single location?

A good logging infrastructure is a key element in the network security of companies. During the last ten years, syslog-ng has solved the problems of thousands of organizations, ranging from industrial companies to governmental institutes. Today, syslog-ng is the most widespread alternative system logging application of the Unix/Linux world.

BalaBit syslog-ng openSource edition

syslog-ng OpenSource Edition

The syslog-ng open source edition is the direct descendant of the syslog-ng project that started ten years ago. The application can operate in server or agent mode, and - apart from UDP - supports the reliable TCP and the encrypted TLS protocols. That way syslog-ng can be used to create flexible and reliable logging infrastructure even in heterogeneous environments.

BalaBit offers commercial support for syslog-ng Open Source Edition in the form of traditional support services (available in the Web Store). Visit our support page for more information.

BalaBit syslog-ng openSource edition

syslog-ng Premium Edition

The Premium Edition of syslog-ng builds on the core of the popular open source version, offering advanced features
like encrypted and timestamped log files, disk-based buffering, direct database access, native TLS support, and agents for the Microsoft Windows and IBM System i platforms.

  • Encrypted message transport using TLS
  • Disk-based message buffering
  • Direct database access
  • Superb performance
  • Encrypted, compressed, timestamped log storage
  • Supports Windows, IBM System i and Unix-variant hosts