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Network Security-Products

BalaBit IT-Security presents the Shell Control Box appliance to control and archive the administrative SSH, Telnet and RDP traffic for subsequent auditing or forensics analysis.


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Zorp – Modular Application Level Gateway for "Protection on all Levels"

Complete application level control and content filtering in 21 protocols and in their encrypted versions. Central management, single-sign-on authentication, cluster support, enterprise performance: the ultimate tool in network security.


The leading central syslog server solution for UNIX and Linux is now also available for Windows, providing reliable and encrypted message transfer, superb performance, and flexibility also in a heterogeneous environment.

  • OpenSource Edition
    free, OpenSource branch of syslog-ng
  • Premium Edition
    commercial fork of the original open source syslog-ng with several additional features
  • Store Box (see below)
    central log server appliance for log lifecycle management
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