WorkflowGen .Net workflow software and BPM Solution

The WorkflowGen workflow management software and BPM solution accelerates workflow automation and business process digitization with the best .Net workflow engine.

Use the WorkflowGen.Net Workflow Software and Business Process Management (BPM) solution to accelerate process automation and business application delivery. Maximize the efficiency of process designers and developers. Automate any type of human and system-based enterprise process.  Customize and integrate your workflow apps to fit your environment. Leverage a solution used by Fortune 500 companies since 2003 for worldwide business-critical applications.

A Business Process Management Solution (BPM) / Workflow software enabling:

  • Fast and easy implementation
  • A pragmatic approach to Workflow-Integration
  • Approval of prozessen en route
  • Simple integration of .Net Web Forms as electronic forms

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And this is what we will provide:

  • Workflow Consulting, Workflow Concepts for your company
  • Process Inventory and Process Implementation
  • .Net Web Form Design
  • Advanced Workflows by individual development

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