AS Computer Consulting

Consulting & Service

Thanks to our long-time project experience in companies and public administration we have comprehensive know-how in the areas system integration and application development. We try to achieve the maximum of functionality, performance and flexibility for our customers. For that purpose we do not only concentrate on standard solutions, but on alternatives like OpenSource, individual development  and the integration/migration of existing systems. We don't look at the IT and software world with blinkers on, but try to get at the best and most cost-effective solution for everybody.

Here is a short overview of our services:

Application development

Many problems can be sorted out with 'out-of-the-box' standard software. But sometimes the standard software way is not the best one, because your problems and requirements are not standard, but special and specific. In these cases you may have to realize that a fitting standard software is hard to find, or that your current solution is unable to meet your future needs. This is where our custom solutions based on standard software or developed from scratch get their turn.

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Systems integration

Nowadays a company network does not only consist of a server and some clients. Today all system types from file server, mail server, web server, database server to the extent of workflow and exotic applications shall integrate and data has to be exchanged between the systems safely. We can help integrate and optimise your internal and exernal systems. You can find an overview here.

Open Source

Linux, Apache, OpenOffice, Mozilla etc. are on everyone's lips, and represent in many cases more cost-efficient, faster and safer alternatives to existing commercial products. You can benefit from our know-how in the field OpenSource.