IT Systeme

Datacenter IT concepts

Thanks to our extensive experience in datacenter environments we will be happy to provide you advice in all areas of a related IT infrastructure and the relevant concepts.


  • Load-Balancing and Failover
  • Content-Scanning and Filtering
  • Proxies, Dispatchers and Redirectors
  • High Availability
  • disaster planning and recovery
  • cross-SysPlex administration
  • automated Change Management

ISP IT infrastructure

In most of the complex IT infrastructure of an Internet Service Providers (ISP), it plays a major role to keep track of things and to maintain an overview.

You have to know the client's requirements exactly, to be able to find and to implement an ideal solution.

Here are some examples:

  • Conception and development of tool needed for an automated installation and configuration.
  • Development of an automated news management in Perl.
  • Development and implementation of the Linux-based platform with a 3-tier-architecture for the client authorization on DB2/S390
  • Conception and development of a new mail system with end-user configurable SPAM protection using Courier-Mailserver and SPAM-Assassin.
  • Development of a PHP web module for country-wide bank look-up based on central publishers data and access to the banking institutes and their e-banking pages via a web-based portal.
  • Acquisition and realization of a cost-effective virus protection solution for vr-web.
  • Conception and realization of the new vr-web environment with linux connection to the central SAN system of RBG/FIDUCIA and a new security concept.
  • Design of the storage concept for vr-web