MOSS 2007

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007

Platform for teamwork, knowledge management portal, content management system, business intelligence and social network – marketing buzzwords or the real capability of the product?

It can be said for sure that MOSS 2007 enables the Microsoft Office driven workforce to share information and collaborate on documents like never before. Establishing a digital workplace in seconds, finding documents using the full text search and organizing documents with metadata are features which are available out of the box.


  • SharePoint Governance: Workshops on implementing and managing MOSS2007 in its lifecycle
  • SharePoint Technologies: Administration and Installation of SharePoint Services
  • SharePoint End User: Customized trainings and materials for the office staff
  • Customizing SharePoint: Adjusting MOSS 2007 to the corporate needs with or without coding
  • SharePoint 2010 Business Intelligence: Reporting for everybody and Excel over the web


  • TOP – Training on the Project
    You have already decided to use SharePoint in your company and you're looking for a best practice approach to setup the system and surrounding processes. In our workshop we will develop processes together, and a project plan which will allow you to roll out SharePoint. The result will be based on the Microsoft Governance model for SharePoint and our experience from various projects. Additionally, we offer to accompany your project with our project management professionals on a permanent or coaching basis.
  • Up and running
    Budget and time constraints do not allow you to follow the classical training and internal planning approach. Our SharePoint team works either in projects or is performing the classroom training. We will deploy the SharePoint service with your IT department and in parallel perform the training. Finally you will have a running SharePoint farm and an educated SharePoint team. To ensure the highest level of training we will bring our own training lab onsite.
  • SharePoint Customizing
    SharePoint does not only offer tons of features but also allows the corporate IT to customize the system for specific needs. We offer courses from “SharePoint Designer”, to high-end SharePoint customization classes, all kinds of training.
  • Company specific end-user training
    In production every SharePoint implementation looks different and we have the individual training for your users. SharePoint sites often serve a specific purpose like the standard project management process. We will not only teach the technical skills to use SharePoint but will also transport project management methodology you implemented in the SharePoint size.
  • The future
    Described by Microsoft as the "Business Collaboration Platform for the Enterprise and the Web, the new SharePoint 2010 release was introduced in October 2009 to the business community and was released to manufacturing in April 2010. We are happy to give you a presentation of the new capabilities and value of the product.