workflow management

The professional business process management solution (BPM) / workflow software offers you the following advantages and options:

- Fast and easy implementation
- A pragmatic approach to workflow integration
- graphic process and form design

Backup & Recovery

A modern-day backup strategy

SBAdmin for Unix provides:
- Bare metal disaster recovery
- Deployment of multiple systems from a single "Golden Image"
- Complete system migration to different hardware
- Software storage migration for better performance and security

Privileged access management

Overview and control of your external and internal system administrators! Reliably record information for forensic situations! Improve the verifiability and traceability of your business processes!

Do you want to be able to fully audit your server administration processes? Do you need to comply with SOX, HIPAA, or other financial regulatory requirements? Have you outsourced the maintenance of your IT services to an external company? Or do you just want to know about the servers running your mission-critical services?

PAM Safeguard solutions

Privileged session management
Privileged password management
Privileged threat analytics
Least privileged access
UNIX identity consolidation
Privileged access governance

Log management solutions

SIEM optimization
Universal log collection and forwarding
Acquisition of large amounts of data

quick search and troubleshooting
Fulfillment of compliance requirements
Secure data archiving

log management

How do you achieve reliable collection, processing and storage of log data?

Main topics:
- Encrypted log data transmission
- Disk based message buffering
- Top notch performance
- Encrypted, compressed and time-stamped storage
- Support for Windows, IBM System i and Unix-based systems

Active Directory Management & Security

Build a solid foundation in Active Directory (AD) user management to roll out key account management capabilities such as provisioning, group and role management, password management, and governance.

One Identity can help your organization achieve a level of management and governance that meets your Active Directory security and compliance needs.

One Identity AD solutions

Azure Migration Optimization
Hybrid AD Management & Security
AD governance extension
UNIX/Linux extension for AD management
password management


What you always wanted to know...

We work with different platforms and tools also in the field of remote support, including…

  • TeamViewer
  • GoToMeeting
  • teams
  • Google Meet